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Omar Sukkar

Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations, Omar Sukkar assists and maintains the daily operations. Omar plays a vital role in the development of relationships with our valued partners across the State of Michigan. Omar Sukkar brings over five years of experience with Gift of Life Michigan as one of the top performing Donation Coordinators in family donor services. He is a certified tissue bank specialist and holds graduate degree in Science Bio-Psychology and Chemistry from Eastern University.

Julie DeSantis

Director of Family Services

As the Director of Family Services, Julie Desantis oversees our Family Service Department and Tissue Donation Coordinators. This departments function is to facilitate the authorization and donor risk assessment process with the highest regard to our donors and donor families. Julie is dedicated to the development of our Family Resource Program, which is unique to Michigan Donor Services. This program is designed to provide families with excellent resources that specialize in grief for the loss of a loved one. Julie is a top graduate from the only program in the country that is specifically designed to train experts in the field of donation. Julie brings over seven years of experience with Gift of Life Michigan as an accomplished Organ Donation Coordinator.

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Currently, nearly 124,000 men, women and children are awaiting organ transplants in the United States.

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