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Michigan Donor Services (MDS) is a federally regulated Tissue Procurement Service Center and has been granted permission by the Food and Drug Administration to operate under the State of Michigan guidelines. We uphold the utmost ethical and professional standards in all aspects of tissue donation services. Although our program is new to the state of Michigan, our highly skilled staff brings years of experience in this field and display endless dedication to the mission.

We have acquired a medical facility which houses administration offices, education suites, conference rooms, sterile processing, and a separate area with plenty of space for constructing two state of the art operating rooms in the near future. These surgical suites will provide a controlled sterile environment for the procurement of high quality tissues and a thriving atmosphere which promotes safety for our Procurement Technicians.

Our program was developed to employ individuals who are sincere in building and maintaining trusting relationships with the community and donation partners through excellence, quality, and integrity. The mission and core values of MDS are the foundation in which we place our commitment to the growth and culture of the entire organization. It is in these fundamental structures that we base our actions to honor donors, donor families and other affiliates.

Building positive relationships between Procurement Organizations, Medical Examiners, and Funeral Homes is instrumental, not only for donation but also to raise awareness regarding the influence of forensic pathology, and funeral services. All of these are extremely important areas to consider when a grieving family member finds the courage to donate while dealing with their loss. Additionally, we are expanding our responsibilities to include raising current standards in order to be a stronger advocate for all of our affiliates. These initiatives are designed to aid in alleviating misconceptions and fears that still exist regarding one service being affected by another. Those who work together to achieve mutual goals provide a more significant impact on the community as a whole and pledge to honor the wishes of every single donor, every time.

We achieve all of this by creating an understanding of the integral roles in which all partners have a common goal, obligation, and mission to honor each decedent and their families when death occurs. This concept is fundamental in promoting donation. Michigan Donor Services is privileged to work with the state’s current organizations who seek to raise awareness for donation. Gift of Life Michigan has paved the way for many organizations and foundations to come forth and support the cause over many decades. While they are the state’s only organ and tissue procurement organization, Gift of Life Michigan brought together a few compassionate individuals who share the same dream. These individuals recognized a need in our state and strategically initiated Michigan Donor Services to educate the public on tissue donation, build relationships, and provide a high level of service excellence in the procurement of quality tissue for our Tissue Bank Processors and recipients by “making a difference, one donation at a time”.

Because of the combined effort to increase awareness and promote donation through many collaborative strategies locally and nationally, there is a large part of the population who understand organ donation and the many lives organ donors have saved. These successful efforts are monumental for organ recipients who receive the gift of life. Yet, we still see a lack of familiarity and understanding of what tissue donation is and the unique opportunities that currently exist for the waiting recipients in need of the gift of restoring a quality of life. Another goal as a Tissue Procurement Service Center, is to promote education of the various ways tissue donation is currently utilized and will be in the future through new advancements in medical research and technology.

Regardless of the donor type, all donations are priceless and we promise to honor each and every one so their gifts are never forgotten.

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Currently, nearly 124,000 men, women and children are awaiting organ transplants in the United States.

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